Fitness means different things to different people, to us it means Fitness for Life. Being able to sit, stand, run, jump, lift and throw; to be able to pick up our kids, play games with our friends and family, and have a happy level of ‘general physical preparedness’.

Whether you need to be ready for a day at the beach, your favourite sport, a challenging job, or a zombie apocalypse, training with Agila Strong will give you the tools for ‘ready state fitness’ through a varied and challenging mix of movements and workouts.

Our coaches offer primarily fitness training but they also try to encourage good nutrition, with a dietary prescription to eat REAL food, avoid too much simple carbs and processed foods, and stay away from sugar as much as possible!

crossfit pyramid

To achieve fitness and strength our training uses a mix of as many different exercises as possible, aiming to focus on movements that will give you real benefits in your day to day life.  You’ll find basic elements that almost everyone has done before like running, jumping, biking and also rowing play a large part. Plus a wide variety of gymnastic movements like push-ups, pull-ups, dips, handstands, and when you’re ready the more complex stuff like muscle ups and handstand walking. Last but not least we build strength with weights in every form – dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, medecine balls, and sandbags. Life requires us to pick up heavy stuff, and carry it around, so we prepare by doing just that.

One of the things that this kind of training is well known for is intensity, and it is that intensity which adds in a huge way to the effectiveness of what we do. Combining all the various elements and movements into high intensity workouts has been proven repeatedly to burn fat, build muscle, and improve other markers of fitness such as resting hard rate, and blood pressure.

Say hello to the new, better you!